Saturday, 23 March 2013

One dress but four ways to style it up!!!!!

Hello my hunny pies =]

So here I am gonna tell you how I have carried one dress into four ways. Dresses are really useful and yet can be used in various ways as well. I have chose a black dress along with thin white stripped on it.
Summer is one of my favorite season and I love to wear dresses. Dresses are really essential for summers right girls?

So the first look:

Here, its just simple as its mixed up with black and white, I chose a red belt in the middle and to match the belt I've carried a red bag along with it.If you just wear the dress, it won't look that good, as because of the print people eyes might get!!!!! 
About shoes, its just a simple yet cute flats which is mostly important for summers and about accessories I've wore a butterfly ear piece, which has become one of my favorite ear piece.
So ready to go out on a casual date? (You can even wear some high heels if you're going clubbing)

Second look:

Here, I have removed my belt and added an off white shirt on the top. Before I had pulled my dress a little bit up to make it short with a belt but now as I have removed the belt, I'm wearing the dress with its actual length. Bag its still red or you can choose any of it and that cute slippers once again =]
So now ready to go out for shopping or hang around with friends. I've taken out my ear piece but you can actually wear a neck piece inside your shirt or you can even button up a shirt till your neck and wear a  nice peter pan neck pieces from outside the shirt.

Third look:

Wanna go out for lunch with me?

Here now I've removed my shirt and instead of that I have chose to wear a black skirt. Always remember girls that one should really have that little black dress or skirt inside your closet, As it is really essential and helpful. I've tucked down the bottom part inside the black skirt and wrapped my waist with that thin red belt. 
About accessories, as I've wore a heavy looking like neck piece, I haven't wear anything on my ears.
I've also wore a simple red moustache ring on my finger. 

Fourth look:

Attending some casual meetings or just going on a family trip.
Let's change the bottom part once again. Removing the skirt now here, I've made the dress into a t-shirt. I've
grabbed my brownish orange pant which is so comfortable in summer specially. Added a black long pocket sweater. I don't wanna wear those heavy accessories so just tied a simple light color scarf around my neck.
A simple small brown bag and that awesome shades. High bun for sure because in summer I don't feel like leaving my hair openly as its too hot. As its just for a simple meetings or family trips I haven't wear any accessories except for a simple ring which my mother had gifted me( I never take that out as its really special for me)
Shoes, you can either wear black wedges or go with vans or toms.

I hope you loved it girls.
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Cheerz ^ ^