Saturday, 27 December 2014

Movie Time

Hello gorgeous people,

I went to watch movie with my family today, PK an amazing movie, awesome acting by Amir Khan. Loved it and we enjoyed watching this movie. I recommend you all to watch this movie. I don't wanna write much and make you guys bored so lets go with the OOTD.
P.S: Yup, I got a new hair cut :)

Outfit of the day [OOTD]

Everything is from my own online store 'Fashion Trends'.
Boots are from Lane 88, Mayalu Complex 

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Shweta Gurung

Friday, 12 December 2014

Last Friday Night!!!!!

Hello ladies ;)

I know I'm late this time, well hope all is going good in your life.

So last Friday night, I was out with my cousins to grab some dinner and drink. It was quiet a long time since I didn't went out.

Lets go with the Outfit of the Night(OOTN)

Little black dress can never go wrong, so here I have paired up my black lace dress with a knee length socks. Black boots, leather jacket, brown belt. As it was pretty cold outside I wore a black full sleeves top from inside and it went out pretty well. 

 Let's take a selfie, with my sister.

Dress: Divided (UK)
Boots: Gift
Socks: From a random place at Newroad.
Jacket: Well, its belongs to my cousin
Bag: From my online store
Belt: Newroad
Locket: HK Aloha

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Always Smile & Stay Beautiful :)

Shweta Gurung

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Casual :: stylish touch

Hi girls, all well?

Now here's a new look that you can try if you want to go casual but look stylish at the same time.
With some simple clothes you can create a very stylish look for yourself. I also believe that you can carry this look wherever you go.

I had went for some shopping with my cousins here and there today and this was my Outfit of the Day [OOTD]. Though I wore flats while going because I knew I had to walk here and there and I might not be that comfortable with the heels. But you can also wear some flats with this outfit or you can wear some boots too as its quiet cold these days.

Top: M&Co
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Heenaz Collection, 4th floor people's plaza
Accessories: From a random shop at Newroad

Shweta Gurung

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Styling up differently ;)


Hope you all are rocking your world and other too. Fall season is here and this time I'm pretty much excited. My Fashion tastes does changes, I like to experiment with clothes, patterns and textures. I love to try every style. In today's blog the outfit I'm wearing is quiet different, I've never styled up my self in this way and these days I love to dress up in this way and some other way too, I bet you'll definitely see me styling up and dressing up in my up coming blogs in different ways.

Anyways I don't wanna bore you all by writing some more bla, bla and bla........
So check out my today's OOTD[Outfit of the day]




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Shweta Gurung

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to rock your cropped sweaters this fall ;)

Hello people,

Hope you  all are doing great out there, so let me show you the ways to rock your cropped top or sweaters. This will be also a sneak peak to my new arrivals from my online store 'Fashion Trends'.

Look 1.

Pair you cropped sweater with your high waist pants or leggings, velvet leggings are so in this season so why not with them.
Get this look both top and bottom for rs.1800/-
Sweater: rs.1190/-
Velvet leggings: rs. 850/-

Look 2.

You can also pair it up with your favorite black skater skirt by tucking your cropped sweater .Wear a high knee length socks, a perfect boots and you are all good to go.
You can even add up a muffler to give that more fashionable look :)

Sweater: rs.1050/-

 Look 3.

Its exactly same as look 2 but here you can also tuck your sweaters out, as they are not much lengthy it'll look good but make sure that its a lil body fitted cropped tops or sweaters.
Sweater: rs.1050/-

The skater skirt is from Lapcha which is located at Kumari Pati :)

Shweta Gurung

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Here Comes Fall ;)

Hello girls, all good?

I hope you all had a great Dashain, time flies so quick isn't it?
We are already in the middle of October which means a fall time, winter is almost here and I am so not a winter person. Though we can still style up our dresses and have fun with colors, layers and be still stylish like in summer.

So here goes my first outfit blog for this Fall Season :)

So that's all for this time blogging and I hope you all enjoyed going through :)

The dress is available at my online store and its price is rs.2200/-
The shoes is from my online store too but not available.
The Bowler's hat was purchased last winter from Accessories_Nep, RB Complex, Shop No: 401 

   With Love
Shweta Gurrung

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Carry it either way :)

Hello my lovelies,
 I hope you all are doing great out there and more importantly enjoying your life to the fullest. That's how you handle all the things that revolves around your Life.

Anyways, this is a fashion blog so let's get started first will all the pictures :)

Brown on white and that's how you carry it. Wearing a brown belt along with one of my favorite heels.

 You can also wear a colorful flats with matching neck piece and carry a bright color bag. You can never go wrong with pastel colors on white. So go it either way, simple way or either with colorful ones.

Look 1:
You can get this white dress on my online store 'Fashion Trends'. I'll put the link down below.
I don't remember from where I bought the belt.
I was going through shoes section and Naxal Bhatbhateni and found these lovely shoes which I think just costed me around rs,1200-1300/- maybe

Look 2:
Neckpiece is a gift from my cousin from UK.
Hand accessories is also gift from my cousin from UK.
Shoes is actually my birthday gift and was bought from DS Collection, Sherpa Mall and I think it costed around 1550/-
The heart shaped bag was bought way back from Pink, Civil Mall and it costed around 1200-1500/-, I think it was rs.1250/- but I'm kinda confused right now.

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Shweta Gurung

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Summer Outfit

Hello beautiful girls ;)

Cousins hangout and was going to have some good back massage and hair oil massage at Zen Spa which is located opposite to Kathmandu Guest House at Thamel. It was a hot day so planned to go with this outfit.

1) Top is from my online store ' Fashion Trends'.
2) Skirt from L.S Ladies located at Mercantile Plaza, Durbarmarg which was on 50% off so why not buy         them because its so perfect for hot summer days and plus it is divided. The belt came along with the               skirt.
3) Shoes is actually my Birthday gift. 
4) Bag is a gift from an Aunt from Hongkong.
5) Neck piece is a gift from my sister from UK.

Now let me take a selfie :D

Shweta Gurung

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Getting ready for a PARTAYYY :D

Hello beautiful people :)

I hope you all are doing great out there.

I am in so love with this outfit, the skirt is actually a new arrival in my store and you can buy it.

This outfit is perfect for parties and you can also wear in a wedding receptions.

Bralets, accessories and shoes are my own, but you can get the skirt and I also have another fresh piece of the shoes so you can buy it through my Facebook online store, I'll put the link down below.
Shoes is now in grand sale :D
Was: 3500/-
Now: 60% off
Size: 37 but will fit 36 too

The skirts gonna cost you around 1450/-
Price Negotiable :)

Shweta Gurung

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Going purplish :D

Hi Girls :)

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying life out there, so lets go purplish.

This net jumpsuit is really comfy and unique too, you can either wear a cage bra or a cropped top underneath. Either wear  flats, wedges or block heels.You can either wear it casually or at pool parties, or maybe during CLUBBING TIMES :D

You can buy this net jumpsuit online through my online selling pages, I'll put the link down below.

Shweta Gurung

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Style up your skirt ;)

Hello girls,
               I'm back after a long time, was not updating my fashion blog lately but from now on I'll be updating my blogs. Hope you all are doing great out there and enjoying your life. Anyways, let me just get started with today's fashion blog.

Skirts can be worn casually or like a party wear. They are so girly wardrobe that I think each and every girls should own it. Go check out your closet and see how many skirts do you own. Skirts can be long, short, mini and even medium length. Today I'm gonna show you how I've styled up my skirt in two ways.

1) Going casual:

Polka dots can never go wrong and neither do they disappear from fashion world. They have been in fashion since 80's (correct me if I am wrong). Let me tell you the pairings with it now.

i) Cropped tops are really in today's fashion world. I didn't own short cropped tops but then I decided to buy for myself as I thought its gonna be really useful so the first pairing I did with this black cropped top was with this high waist black and white polka skirts.

ii) Along with that to give that extra touch I have added a heart shaped locket and a golden bracelet.

iii) You can either wear this look with flats, sandles, and wedges.

2) Lets Party!!!!!
   So now with the same skirt I have slightly changed my looks. I had to
   attend a wedding reception so decided to wear this outfit. Just a simple
   white top, brown heels and some golden accessories. I have wore a golden        peter pan neck piece as its a night time and its gonna shine and sparkle up          your look.

Love you guys

The skirt is now on sale, I have not wore much but then I have decided to sell it, its gonna be in my online thrift store, its not damaged and still looks new. Its a divided skirt.
If anyone is interested to buy then you can contact me in my Facebook or in my online stores.
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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Hello my lovely ladies ;)

All good?

#OOTD: Outfit of the day

Got a call from my friend who is getting married soon, I know its a lil too early but all I can wish her for a 'Happy Married Life' ahead and always :) So what was the plan? She finally got free and asked me to catch up with her.

So, my outfit was already set on my mind, opened my closet and started taking out my clothes and well I guess the picture says it all isn't it?

Spring has already started so paired up my high waist jeans with an off white shirt. It was a sunny day but later on it started raining :(
Wasn't that cold though, got a lil cold while riding my scooty.
Anyways, blazers are really important that's why I wore my all time favorite black blazer( If you fold its sleeves then you can get a leopard print) and a black flats(To match it with my black blazer). A simple off white creamish bag and one of my favorite neon neck piece. 
P.S: Neon colors are really in this 'Spring/Summer'.

Neon pink neck piece/bag: U.K
Blazers, High waist jeans, Shirt, Shoes: Well if you want it then you can contact me either in my personal account or my online clothing.

Shweta Gurung