Friday, 16 August 2013

Movie Time

Hello my lovely girls :)

All Good?

A sudden plan was made up and it was a movie time :D
Opened my closed and grabbed my shorts(DIY), A simple white Tee where there's written "Do Not Waste MY Time", colorful neon blazer, a pair of nude wedges, and my  pink bag.
Accessories: Some rings and a watch.

I went to watch movie after a really long time with my friend Sristy and we had so much fun. We actually wanted to watch 'The Conjuring' but then when we saw the empty seats only front row was available.......A horror movie and on top of that front row? No way!!!!!!

Came out from civil mall and ended up watching 'Once upon time in mumbai doobara'. It was a good movie and worth the time though. A perfect evening with my friend as we  met after a really long time.

Cheerz ^ ^

Shweta Gurung