Saturday, 23 November 2013

Fall Fashion(Casual)

November has already arrived and yet not much left to go ahead........with it now comes time of fall and then winter is just at the edge. Winter clothes ready to be taken out and summer wardrobes to be kept safely inside the closet right girls?'

So what's in 'Fall Fashion 2013'?

There are lots of stylish wardrobes that you can wear during fall/winter. Cold season doesn't mean wearing all those dark colors, you can still wear bright colors and that's what you people gonna find in this year fall/winter season/fashion.

Colorful blazers, neon sweaters, pastel colors are in this year fall/winter fashion 2013.

                  Well this is the first look, casual yet stylish. Jeans is a must in every girls closet. Black can never go wrong in this cold winter. I've taken my cropped top sweater like and paired up with my denim jeans and matched the top along with black shoe and black bag.
You can also wear a simple locket around your neck, watch is a must to see time, if you are really conscious about time like me. I've just braided or plated up my hair or you can even do some fish braid or water fall braid.


Now coming to another look we have this one, pair up your high waist black(plain or pattern/design) jeans
with a plain black top. Add a over sized half sweater, mine is colorful and I am so in love with this sweater. To match my sweater here, I've wore a bright green close shoe. A hat which gives that extra touch to my outfit and a simple small bag to carry my stuffs. You can also add some accessories, I've wore a long neck piece chain which include picture of my grand parents and a watch.
Curled hair looks best for this outfit and goes with that hat too. So do try it girls ;)

Korean sweaters are also in this winter. A mixture of red, white and black can never go wrong. This sweater is not only stylish and cute but its warm too. Paired up with my all time favorite black high waist jeans. You can wear any kinda close shoe or ankle length boots. Bag could be any but should at least be matched either with your top or shoes. A high bun or messed up bun looks great. Just wear a simple eye liner and a dark lipstick, could be red but not too dark. As the sweater is itself got a stylish and patterned look you don't need much to accessorize with other accessories.Now you are all set to go.

I hope you enjoyed going through this blog.
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