Sunday, 14 July 2013

(-8 Sunny Sunday 8-)

I had this shoot thing today at 'Durbar Marg' around afternoon and hell ya it was damm 'HOT'!!!!!

So confused didn't know what to wear so just thought of  wearing my new top today. Grabbed my new top with whom I'm in love with recently and a pair of short jeans. As my top is kinda lose, I just thought of tying it up with a small black belt. 

Talking about my shoes and bag, I have just matched it, black and black...yea,, that's right?
A Prada bag and an amazing heels of mine which I just got recently, love this too :D

Talking about my accessories , well I got some flowery ear piece, a sun glass which is a must for this hot season (Sunny Sunday) and some bracelets around my wrist and including a hair rubber band too(you can see in the picture but not that clear though), the bow one is actually a hair rubber band and not a bracelet lol!!!!! but I found it so cool to wear as its color matches too.

So this was the outfit of my day, let me know what you guys think about it :)

Cheerz ^ ^
Love Shweta Gurung :)