Sunday, 26 May 2013

A little rough, a little tough and a little classy ;)

So sup people???

Enjoying life and being stylish??

Ya that's right....we need to be isn't it.......???

Its summer and freaking hot and these days off the shoulder, cut out blouses are really in this season, but not only this you can also find those wonderful printed tops and they are so much comfy yet makes you feel stylish in a really simple way :)

Here talking about my top well....I'm so in love with it, as you can see I have wore a cut out sleeve blouse and there's a girl and its written "DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING'", which is like so cool.
I specially love its style and the prints and at its back there is a white back ground with stars and its a see through too.
WOW!!!! I just love it like SERIOUSLY :D

To carry it off more well I have grabbed a funky yet rough shorts. Shorts are always a must specially denim/ jeans one for summer. So girls if you don't have them, then just go and grab some or else you can just DIY through your full pants. I have done that too last time.
You can either wear a simple big boyfriend watch or a simple bracelet around your wrist.
So as its summer, bright outfits are must so keeping that in mind I have carried bright yellow clutch which gives more color to my outfit :)

You can wear this outfit while hanging out with friends, out for movie, casual date and any other time and even in pool parties or day parties ;)
Choose shoes according to a place where you are heading towards =]

Tee : Style Clinique Your Fashion Store, Naxal Nagpokhari
Shorts: Style Clinique Your Fashion Store, Naxal Nagpokhari
Clutch: U.S.A

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Cheerz \m/

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Friday Night#Black Sequence Skirt#Fun Mood

Hello to all the beautiful and gorgeous ladies out there.....

So Friday Night is here.....

Got any plans?

Think what to wear? Confused?

Well no worries because here I am going to show you what you can actually wear and be ready to hit the dance floor and let the guys see you and make their jaw fall up ;)
I actually don't hang out every Friday or Saturday night but I do love to go at times.....and that's the time when I get so freaking confused what to anyways here I am just showing you some of the outfits.
Black skirts or dresses can never get outta fashion hence these days sequence pieces are really available in the market.
Black sequence dress is a must if you are a party animal because it not only makes you look party girl but its so comfortable, fashionable, stylish and plus you can wear them in a several ways. It can either be a skirt or you can also turn up into a tube me on this girls :)

1st pairings......
Well pretty stylish right? A sequence skirt paired up with peplum net neon top. For summer its just the best. So to match the top, I have wore a really comfy shoes which have two colors, neon and orange and I think its just an amazing bright color for summer parties. Accessories to give that extra touching look.
If you want this kinda outfit or the shoe and that ear piece then do visit "Style Clinique" which is located at Nagpokhari, Naxal.

2nd Pairings......
Not much of change here, just a top and shoes. The top is really light and so easy to wear...looks simple but with that sequence skirt it just carries you out of the crowd........Make sure that your tee and shoes are matching up and going with the outfit. I have just made a simple bun and left my bangs out and accessories can never go wrong right?

P.S: Don't forget to paint your nails and careful with your make ups.....Either do heavy make up on eyes only or lips only....don't do it together or else you will look gross....And accessorize the outfit in a limit only.....
If you want any of these, then they are available in different colors at "Style Clinique" which is located at Nagpokhari, Naxal.

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Cheerz people ^ ^

Monday, 13 May 2013

Afternoon Party.....

Hello my fashionable people :)

All going good at your side?

So few days back I had to attend a sister's wedding from my neighborhood and is was so freaking hot.
If you are living here at Kathmandu then you know how the sun is right, specially in the afternoon time :O
Wanna get tan then walk around haha...but for me its better I save my skin from bright and hot sun.

So I went to haunt some dresses and found one. I didn't wanted to wear those shiny kurthas or length dresses hence I found a really comfy yet stylish jump suit to carry around in the wedding time.
And ya this was my look for the wedding day.....
blink blink ^ ^

Made a high pony tail so that it wouldn't make me feel more hot as I have got this long and thick hair. I think I need to color my hair once colors are fading and I ain't liking it but my natural hair is dark black. I did some light make up and used some eye shadows avoiding eye liners or Kazal. Pinkinsh lip care and nothing more not even used blushers because it was a day party and I wanted to look just simple and plus my ear rings were there to give that extra touch, to look more stylish.
Just a simple bracelet around my wrist which is made in 'NEPAL' :)
A long ear piece to match with my outfit and a simple gold ring which was gifted by my mother.
A nude clutch to match up with my outfit and my favorite comfy shoes.

So this was it and I hope you girls liked it.
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Much Love to ya all .......

Friday, 3 May 2013

Going Rough.....


My fashion lovers!!!!!

Back again with a new and fresh fashion blog once again. Hope you all will like it, for more fashion ideas, stuffs and online buying do visit my page 'Fashion Trends' which is on Facebook.

So hot summer which means sunny day and obviously we feel like wearing, cool, casual and light colors clothes right?

Not much of girly or wanna turn into a rough stuffs then.....

Here I'm gonna show you the right outfit ;)

Talking about my upper wear, its all printed up with those beautiful bright and light colors which you can wear off in this freaking hot summary days. Half sleeves and trust me when I wore this and walked around, it made me so comfy and cool. The prints are really attractive and its patterns and textures are just like 'WOW'. Before I didn't liked much of these kinda tee but when I saw this, I got attracted by it some how.
You can get these kinda outfit in other different colors as well and they are all in bright and light colors. But I guess this tee was the best among other colors.
As its a hot weather, I have made a pony tail so that I don't feel more hot and P.S: I have this long and thick hair and hence makes me feel more hot. A simple, metal big ring ear piece to wear, watch to carry around for the time and simple make up, more used of kajal / eye liner, and some good glosses :)

Shorts, a bit roughy and also short in length wise too. Denim jeans can never go wrong in anything and it can be worn in whole summary season. This kinda short is, was and will be in fashion forever....yea like ever....
Along with this outfit you can wear, dirty sneakers if you wanna look more rough, converse shoes, toms or even vans.
But make sure that your shoes looks dirty if you are turning some what roughy like me over here...haha...!!!!!
Though I don't wear much of these kinda roughy outfits but I seriously love them :)

Accessorize yourself, well I would just wear a simple watch and a long chain/locket for sure :)

Hair: you can do anything, either make a high pony or leave it open if you have a long hair, can make a lil wavy or big huge curls ;)

You can also tie your tee if its long enough.

Tee & Shorts: Style Clinique your fashion store.
Shoes: U.K
Watch: Archies, Battisputali, Baneshwar

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Pictures taken by: Siddhant Gurung.