Monday, 13 May 2013

Afternoon Party.....

Hello my fashionable people :)

All going good at your side?

So few days back I had to attend a sister's wedding from my neighborhood and is was so freaking hot.
If you are living here at Kathmandu then you know how the sun is right, specially in the afternoon time :O
Wanna get tan then walk around haha...but for me its better I save my skin from bright and hot sun.

So I went to haunt some dresses and found one. I didn't wanted to wear those shiny kurthas or length dresses hence I found a really comfy yet stylish jump suit to carry around in the wedding time.
And ya this was my look for the wedding day.....
blink blink ^ ^

Made a high pony tail so that it wouldn't make me feel more hot as I have got this long and thick hair. I think I need to color my hair once colors are fading and I ain't liking it but my natural hair is dark black. I did some light make up and used some eye shadows avoiding eye liners or Kazal. Pinkinsh lip care and nothing more not even used blushers because it was a day party and I wanted to look just simple and plus my ear rings were there to give that extra touch, to look more stylish.
Just a simple bracelet around my wrist which is made in 'NEPAL' :)
A long ear piece to match with my outfit and a simple gold ring which was gifted by my mother.
A nude clutch to match up with my outfit and my favorite comfy shoes.

So this was it and I hope you girls liked it.
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Much Love to ya all .......

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