Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bra blems and solutions

Hello my lovely ladies,

Today I am writing about something different, which we are quiet familiar with. I am going to talk about bra blems and its solutions.

Being a girl we all know that situation when we feel like going home, take off the bra and then relax. Sometimes the sizes may not match but still we wear it, we even wear it so tight that it starts to hurt us really badly or sometimes its too loose. Ever gone through a situation where your bra pin popped up and you don't know what to do or how to react. Well I'll help you by giving some solutions so that you can say goodbye to bra blems. These solutions come from Third Love, designers of great bras that are comfy and pretty to wear. 

Here's how to wear bra in a correct way.

1. A tight band is the right band so make sure you wear your bra on the loosest so when it stretches you can make it tighter.

2. Try the scoop and swoop. Get your girls at the right place by gathering each breast into the cups as you pull back on the wire.

3.. Keep those straps happy. Tighten the straps every other month to make sure they are snug and supportive.

Fit issues and easy solutions:

1. Slipping straps:
Tighten the straps every month as the straps stretches time to tome when you wear it. If still it doesn't work then its time to switch your bra and try a new design.

2. Band riding up:
    Just say no to creepers. Its time to get a smaller band size but remember when you get a smaller band size then you must go for one cup size up. Suppose if you're 36C your tighter band would be 34D. You'll know you have a right band when you can slip two fingers at underneath the back of your band.

3. Straps digging in:
    This common issue is one the cause why a woman wants to rip their bra off. The bra band should be doing most of the work. Try buying one band size smaller.

4. Quad-Boob:
     Sometimes your breast comes out from the cup of your bra causing the wire to sit on your breast. Either the band is not tight enough. A snug band should allow your breast to sit in the cup properly.

5. Cup gaping
    This is fairly an issue of a woman with east and west, they're sisters not twins. You can try tightening the straps if it doesn't work try going down a cup size.If you think the cup fits well but there's a little room at the top then try a plunge or push up as these cups are angled and tend to be cut a little smarter to reduce gaping.

I hope this will help you all my lovely girls.

If you need a good quality of bra then well you should definitely check Third Love, they have an amazing and varieties of lingerie.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Grey and black

Hello to all the Fashionistas out there, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest.

In this cold winter, we should not only keep our bodies warm but stay stylish at the same time. During the fall season, specially at parties we need to look fashionable and stay warm too. Christmas and New Year's coming up so why not wear this outfit.

High necks are really in fashion these days. This dress fits to every sizes, whether you are skinny or healthy. You can get a thick stockings, add a jacket, long coats, cardigans and pair it with boots or pumps.


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Belt is from U.K
Leggings is from USA

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