Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hot Summer.....

Hey my chubby pies =]

So all going good people???

It was hot sunny Tuesday morning when I had to go out to finish some of my personal and official works. Had shooting to finish up my before Sunday. It was an indoor shoot where there are hell lots of lights and the room temperature is so not bearable. So I wanted to wear something light in color, easy to wear and more like summary looking one's.

I opened my closet, didn't had to search for more as my eyes got caught by a summary printed sleeves, light and opened neck(off the shoulder) red tee and denim jeans shorts. A small cute bag to carry on, while bowed with some sparkling heart shaped looking like crystal on the slippers.

I think this outfit is so suitable for this hot summary season. Just look at its beautiful color and textures :)
Makes me feel so summary, easy to wear and carry around too.
So what's inside my bag?
Well not much, my driving license, a purse, hand sanitizers(can't walk out from my home without carrying them), some lip glosses, compact powder and tissue paper/wet wipes.

Shades should always be in one's bag so that you can protect your eyes from the heat and you can easily open your eyes and walk around this summer. If you people are in Nepal then you guys definitely know how the weather is going on these days right?


Top: D.S Collection
Shorts: DIY made from a long pant.
Bag: U.K
Watch: Archies, Battisputali, Baneshwar
Ear Piece: New Look
Shades: U.K
Flats: U.K

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