Friday, 12 December 2014

Last Friday Night!!!!!

Hello ladies ;)

I know I'm late this time, well hope all is going good in your life.

So last Friday night, I was out with my cousins to grab some dinner and drink. It was quiet a long time since I didn't went out.

Lets go with the Outfit of the Night(OOTN)

Little black dress can never go wrong, so here I have paired up my black lace dress with a knee length socks. Black boots, leather jacket, brown belt. As it was pretty cold outside I wore a black full sleeves top from inside and it went out pretty well. 

 Let's take a selfie, with my sister.

Dress: Divided (UK)
Boots: Gift
Socks: From a random place at Newroad.
Jacket: Well, its belongs to my cousin
Bag: From my online store
Belt: Newroad
Locket: HK Aloha

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Always Smile & Stay Beautiful :)

Shweta Gurung

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