Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sheer & Floral

Hello my lovely people,
                                       Its been a pretty long time since I haven't written any blog so I'm extremely sorry about that. Been pretty busy lately with few works, will be soon writing about my new job too. 
I'll continue to write blogs from now on, so ya I am not lost anywhere and yes I am finally back again in the world of Blogs.

The outfit I am wearing here is very cute with its sassy look, The upper part is sheer, so you can either wear a black bra, black tube or a cage bra which is so in fashion these days. The lower part has a very good prints of flower with a pinch of high lighting pink colors which gives a extra spark to this dress and outfit.


    You can wear it with outer as well.

Or you can just go with strings, I am so in love with this dress and the shoes matches perfectly with almost all of my outfits. I also got a tee to wear above this dress as well, it came with the dress but I would rather go with this look as the tee was pretty over sized and cropped but the tee is lovely too and can go with any high waisted pant or shorts.

Dress: Buzz, People's Plaza, Ground Floor
Outer: My sister's
Flats: Top Shop, Jamanepal
Watch: Key Clothing 

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